Pure Blue Fish Product

PBF is initially growing the species Seriola Lalandi (Kingfish, Yellowtail). PBF Yellowtail is a high-end fish has white, sashimi grade (Hiramasa) flesh, that is highly sought-after for its mild, sweet flavor that can also be grilled or smoked.

The final product comes fresh, non-GMO and antibiotic-free. As PBF farms are working with local buyers (up to a six-hour radius from our farm) our fish are the freshest you will find on the market.

About Seriola Lalandi (Kingfish, Yellowtail)

The southern yellowtail amberjack, yellowtail kingfish or great amberjack is a large fish found in tropical and temperate waters of the southern hemisphere and the northern Pacific.

Adult Yellowtail live around rocky reefs, rocky outcrops and drop-offs in coastal waters, and around pinnacles and offshore islands. Maximum length is often reported to reach 180 cm.

Hiramasa Kingfish is a high-quality sashimi grade Yellowtail Kingfish which is farmed under strict standards. Hiramasa is the Japanese name for this fish and it is highly regarded in Japan, where the fish is hand-packed to avoid bruising.

High in nutrients, low in calories and lean on fat, Yellowtail Kingfish is rich in protein and an excellent source of Omega 3, an essential dietary oil that helps maintain a healthy heart and immune system and reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Raw Yellow tail fish or Hamachi sashimi in Japanese food name photo with very low lighting and wide aperture.

Our Future Species

Sablefish, Black cod

Sablefish, Black cod

The sablefish is a species of deep-sea fish common to the North Pacific Ocean. Adult sablefish are opportunistic feeders, preying on fish as well as squid, krill and jellyfish. The white flesh of the sablefish is soft-textured and mildly flavored. It is considered a delicacy in many countries.
White sea bass

White sea bass

White seabass or white weakfish, "Atractoscion nobilis", is a species of croaker occurring from Magdalena Bay, Baja California, to Juneau, Alaska. White Seabass is a moderately low fat fish with a mild flavor, meaty texture, and large white flakes. Their flavor is somewhat similar to halibut.