Pure Blue Fish Projects

Sustainable, non-polluting, healthy land-based aquaculture

Pure Blue Fish grows high-end marine species with its sustainable, local zero-water discharge farms near major urban areas around the world. PBF is a responsible seafood producer, establishing its farms close to major inland markets, bringing fresh, sustainable, healthy and locally produced fish to our customers.

Pure Blue Fish is currently working on three major projects in Israel, USA and Spain.


Status: Under construction.

Production target at start: 125 tons.

Product: Seriola Lalandi.

Common names: Kingfish, Yellowtail, Great Amberjack, Hiramasa.

Pure Blue Fish is building its own new farm in Binyamina’s agricultural production area. The farm is located thirty minutes from Haifa and thirty minutes from Tel-Aviv near one of Israel’s major highways, close to Israel major commercial markets.

The PBF Binyamina farm will produce fresh 1.7-2.1 kg whole Yellowtail to local markets. Ninety nine precent of Yellowtail currently sold are frozen or defrosted (even in Japanese restaurants).

Our Yellowtail will provide customers with healthy, sustainable, fresh fish. PBF will bring to the local markets a new level of product -a totally controlled, healthy and fresh fish with minimal “farm-to-table” time. Pure Blue Fish will create a direct online “farm-to-table” network to sell directly to consumers, as well as restaurants, hospitality indusry and more.

Pure Blue Fish is targeting the luxury “Hiramasa” market in Israel which is a significant business opportunity, as this is a popular dish served as sushi, grilled fish or smoked fish.  PBF will also grow other popular high-end species in Israel such as Grouper, Black Cod, among others.

Our goal is to scale production in Israel with new high-end marine species and to create local “blue-tech” smart farms, leveraging the local community workforce.

The Binyamina location will serve as PBF’s benchmark farm from which our future sites around the world will be based upon.