Pure Blue Fish

Pure Blue Fish (PBF) is an Israel-based enterprise, bringing a new and innovative inland aquaculture solution which will provide healthier, premium seafood worldwide, in a local, sustainable environment. PBF’s advanced, zero-water discharge RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) is a system in which the water is treated by biotech and microbial biotechnology methods. PBF applies environmentally-friendly technologies, intended to reduce ocean overfishing, ocean contamination and ocean pollution. The system will supply a highly nutritional, traceable, and healthy fish diet (clean of mercury and microplastic).

Our Technology

PBF’s advanced zero-water discharge Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) is a commercially developed RAS that started as a patent for growing fish in a completely closed and controlled environment developed by the agriculture faculty at the Hebrew University, based in Rehovot, Israel. PBF acquired this advances idea and intensively developed it for commercial aquaculture. The PBF engineering team has now refined the technology to form its own innovative marine aquaculture RAS modules, ready for wide-scale commercial deployment.

Our Products

PBF is initially growing the species Seriola Lalandi (Kingfish, Yellowtail). PBF Yellowtail is a high-end fish has white, sashimi grade (Hiramasa) flesh, that is highly sought-after for its mild, sweet flavor that can also be grilled or smoked. The final product comes fresh, non-GMO and antibiotic-free. As PBF farms are working with local buyers (up to a six-hour radius from our farm) our fish are the freshest you will find for consumption.


Pure Blue Fish grows high-end marine species with its sustainable, local zero-water discharge farms near major urban areas around the world. PBF is a responsible seafood producer, establishing its farms close to major inland markets, bringing fresh, sustainable, healthy and locally produced fish to our customers. Pure Blue Fish is currently working on three major projects in Israel, USA and Spain.

Binyamina, Israel

Pure Blue Fish is building its own PBF farm in an agricultural area of Binyamina agriculture production area. The farm is located 30 minutes from Haifa and 30 minutes from Tel-Aviv near one of Israel’s major highways, close to Israel's major commercial markets.

Bilbao and Barcelona, Spain

The first Pure Blue Fish farms in Europe will be established in Spain, in Bilbao and Barcelona. These locations will enable our farms to deliver fresh local fish throughout Spain, Portugal, Andorra, and large parts of France (Nice, Lyon, Nantes and even up to Paris) as well as Monaco within six hours of delivery.

Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA

Pure Blue Fish will build a PBF farm in the Matthews Industrial Park in Orangeburg County, South Carolina. This farm is strategically located within hours of major markets in South Carolina (Columbia, Charleston, Greenville) and only a few hours from other major southeastern US cities such as Charlotte, Atlanta, Asheville, and Jacksonville.


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