Sustainable Seafood Production

Pure Blue Fish

PureBlueFish is a leader in the future of seafood production, where technology meets sustainability, and profitability meets environmental consciousness.

Our advanced zero-water discharge RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) technology – is the only fish farm located inland disconnected from water source.  we operate in closed loop water circulation with no wastewater to the environment.

We lead the transition from imported frozen fish to fresh local production, supporting local communities  and contributing to their economy as supplier of fresh fish within 6 hours drive from water to plate.


Energy savings, local production, suppliers and distributors to support local communities. Shifting from wild catch fishing to controlled, responsible, healthy fresh fish. Waste and pollution reduction, decarbonization and renewable energy usage alongside new jobs creation.

Our Products

We provide chefs, restaurants, catering, and hypermarket chains with fresh, healthier—non-GMO, antibiotic-free, microplastic-free seafood in a local, sustainable environment. Supplied by local suppliers, up to 6 hours from farm to plate.


Binyamina, Israel

A 125T Seriola Lalandi (Kingfish, Yellowtail) farm, is located in an agricultural production area, 30 minutes drive from Haifa and 1 hour drive Tel-Aviv - major local commercial markets.

South Carolina, USA

A 5,000T Seriola Lalandi (Kingfish, Yellowtail) farm, located in the Matthews Industrial Park in Orangeburg County, South Carolina.


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